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The 5 Types of Prostitutes and Where They Work

Kurfürstenstrasse, back in 1990 was a well-known place as German prostitutes without pimps would offer sexual services in exchange for money. Most women were addicts and this was there only way of supporting their drugs. Fast forward to today, practices haven’t changed much however have surely gotten worse in many ways. Now you can find much greater variety of different women coming from different ethnic backgrounds. Most prostitutes present here are Hungarian, Bulgarian or Romanian and there rates vary from 30 to 40 Euro which undoubtedly is not worth them having sex with brutal criminals. These cheap prostitutes are being exploited to some extent. Nonetheless, Kurfürstenstrasse’s neighborhood residents have also been put through misery since forever. After all who likes to see a prostitute waiting for her client right outside their children’s school? The toilets on the road have been converted into sex boxes where prostitutes and their clients get in for extended period of time and the sexual activity is continued throughout, just with different people coming in and going out. This has been a point of concern for the health department as these little sex boxes are highly unhygienic and could possibly be opening a whole new set of sexually transmitted diseases.


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Another type of prostitutes that can be seen in berlin history is NUTTES. These prostitutes included teenage girls with boyish features. These prostitutes are mostly living a double life. They have a life with their family and then they have a life of prostitution that no one in their family is aware of. These women like the girl friend experience and desire men who would pamper them and make them feel special. These girls are also classified as gold diggers and their favorite pick up line is always suggesting that the pair should go out for a cup of coffee. The classic coffee getting to know you date where somehow they eventually convince the guy to gift them something expensive in exchange for sex for example, an expensive watch or some jewelry. These girls usually wear provocative clothes flaunting their enticing body and have a flirtatious manner when they are around a guy they see as a potential candidate. These prostitutes are pretty much down to try anything with their sugar daddies, you can cum on their face or make them swallow your cum and these women love giving their sugar daddies a perfect blowjob without condom. They very expertly play with their tongue and know exactly how to move it all over your shaft releasing sensual sensations throughout your body.

Have you ever desired to fuck pregnant women? Ever felt that big belly, saggy boobs calling out to you for a good hard fuck? A very expensive fetish that is fulfilled by MÜNZIS is the desire to fuck a pregnant woman. MÜNZIS are the type of prostitutes who are pregnant and mostly wait for their clients under a lamppost on Münzstrasse who are into this erotica specifically. These women are only available for this fantasy and therefore charge higher rates. They are also referred to as KABNIS. These women have a very niche market as compared to other fetishes and therefore their earnings are very seasonal hence these women may also be doing something else in a simultaneous career. These prostitutes also like to role play with their clients as their cheating wives, unholy spirit to be punished, naughty step daughter who needs to be disciplined.

Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of prostitution for everyone. Berliners truly believe in equality and therefore you can find many natural tits escorts in Berlin who present themselves to foreign and local women. Their lesbian type of prostitutes includes hot whores who are against the conventional idea of women depending on a man and his love. They are strong independent women who need no men. They are elegant professional prostitutes that only service to women. They are mostly found on barstools of different lesbian bars and lounges such as DIE BUSCHE or Sofia. These prostitutes have a long slim cigarette in their hand while they face the dance floor with a vacant stare. These beauties are just waiting for the right woman to walk in and they are in it for the entire night with them. Hot whores have different sex toys with them that play a vital role during sex as they are experts in using them efficiently for optimum pleasure. With these prostitutes by your side a girl may never need to see a dick ever again as hot whores with a strap on are no less than a man in pleasing their women. These prostitutes give the best rimjob and you can enjoy unlimited lazy girl’s 69.